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Qualifying Event - Benefit Changes

The Internal Revenue Service defines the events that allow you to make changes to your pretax benefit elections (medical, dental, flexible spending accounts) outside of Annual Open Enrollment. You can make benefit changes during the year only if you have a qualified change in family status (qualifying event). Changes must be consistent with the qualifying event. Benefit Changes related to Qualifying Events (Life Events) are made via Workday.

To make changes, you must first gather the documentation needed related to the event (see list below for details). Once you have the documentation, it must be scanned to be uploaded to Workday as part of the "Life Event" process (outlined below).

Within 30 days of the event date (60 days for loss/gain of Mass Health Insurance), you must go to Workday ( and select Benefits>Change Benefits. On the change benefits screen you will be asked to identify the particular Life Event (marriage, birth, etc.), provide the effective date (this must match the event date provided on the documentation) and also upload the related documentation. When you submit the request it will be routed to Human Resources for approval (to ensure documentation is complete and dates match). One approved, you will receive a new Workday notification to make your benefit changes/enrollment.

Coverage changes will be made effective (often retroactively) to the date of the event. As a result, there may be additional payroll deductions/credits for the retroactive changes.

Listed below are qualifying events and the documents that you are required to submit for each event:

  • Marriage (copy of marriage certificate)
  • Divorce / Legal Separation (copy of divorce agreement or legal separation)
  • Birth or Adoption of Child (birth: a copy of the birth certificate or hospital document provided in lieu of birth; adoption: a copy of legal adoption agreement)
  • Death of your spouse or dependent child (copy of death certificate)
  • Gain or loss of coverage through another source (letter or form from employer documenting loss or gain of coverage; must include name(s) of individuals impacted including dependents; type of coverage gained or lost; and the effective date of start/end of coverage)
  • Gain or loss of eligibility of coverage for MassHealth or CHIP (letter from MassHealth or CHIP agency)



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