Blue Bikes

For eligible employees, Emerson will pay 100% of an annual Blue Bikes, Platinum Level subscription under the Corporate Membership program.  (Note that to receive this benefit you must order the Blue Bikes subscription through Human Resources - we do not reimburse your own Blue Bike orders). This benefit is for those employees who use a bike to commute to campus.

Eligible employees include staff scheduled to work at least 20 hours per week, full-time and affiliated faculty.  Work/study students and temporary employees are not eligible. 

Under the Platinum program, Emerson will also pay the additional $2.50 per additional half-hour of use if your ride exceeds the normal allowed time of 45 minutes per ride.

Note that Blue Bikes is offered as an alternative to the other subsidized or reimbursed parking and transit benefits.  Also, since membership for Blue Bikes is an annual subscription, staff or faculty members who elect this option will not be eligible for any of the other transit/parking benefits their 12-month subscription period. 

Submit a ticket to HR if you wish to sign up for the annual subscription.

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