Onboarding Tasks

You will receive an email in your personal email inbox with a temporary username and password to access Workday. Follow the steps below to complete onboarding in Workday:


  • Legal Name Change: Input your legal first and last name
  • Preferred Name Change: Input the first and last name for how you'd like others to address you (i.e. a nickname, a maiden name, a married name, etc.)
  • ID Change: Add your government IDs
    • Country: Select the country for your ID
    • National ID Type: Choose the type of ID you will provide (i.e. Social Security Number).
    • Add/Edit ID: Enter the ID number for the ID type you provided.
  • Change Emergency Contact(s): Provide information for your emergency contact(s)
  • Personal Information Change:
    • Gender (Your assigned sex at birth for healthcare purposes)
    • Date of Birth
    • Citizenship Status
    • Gender Identity
    • Preferred Pronouns

Note: Once these initial onboarding tasks are completed, you will receive an email to your personal email inbox about how to set up your Emerson email address. After your Emerson email address is created, your Workday username will change to have a period instead of a hyphen. You will then receive more onboarding tasks in Workday

  • Enter Contact Information: Add or edit your contact information
    • Primary address
    • Primary phone number
    • Primary email Address
  • Benefit Elections (If applicable): After attending your benefits orientation, select the benefits you'd like to enroll in 
  • Change Photo: Upload a professional photo for your profile
  • Review Documents: 
    • Review and acknowledge policies
    • Complete the anti-harassment training and then attest to the completion
  • Payment Elections: Add direct deposit information
  • State & Local Tax Elections: Add your state tax information
    • Reach out to Payroll at payroll@emerson.edu with any questions
  • Federal Tax Elections: Access this task to add your federal tax elections
    • Reach out to Payroll at payroll@emerson.edu with any questions
  • Complete Form I-9
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