Employment Verifications

An Employment Verification confirms a person's past or current job status. Human Resources completes verification requests from employers, lenders, landlords, the federal government, and others.

Submitting an Employment Verification Request

In order for Human Resources to process an employment verification request, we must receive:

  • The employment verification request form 
  • A signed release authorization letter from the employee.  The authorization letter is an item that is provided to the employee by the verification company.

To submit a verification request form and employee release authorization letter, please fax it to 617-824-8579 or email it to hr@emerson.edu.  Verification requests are completed within 2-3 business days in the order in which they are received. 

Information on Public Service Loan Forgiveness

Public Service Loan Forgiveness (PSLF) program is offered by the Department of Education, however, Human Resources will fill out our portion of the form when requested. If you have questions about if you qualify for Public Service Loan Forgiveness, please reach out directly to FedLoan Servicing.

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