Offboarding is the word used to identify the separation process when an employee leaves a company. The offboarding process might involve:

  • Transferring job responsibilities and knowledge
  • Understanding the impact on existing employee benefits; what can the employee take with them and what ceases on the final day of employment
  • Deactivating access rights and passwords
  • Turning in equipment, phone, tablets, keys, and any other company property
  • An exit interview to gather feedback
  • Final pay for time worked and accrued and unused vacation time

Employee Responsibilities

It is recommended an employee discusses resignation with their manager first. Then, the employee will submit the resignation in Workday.  Uploading a resignation letter is a required step in the process.  The Workday resignation process is a business process and will notify the manager, Human Resources, and Information Technology. Our hope is that employees will have a conversation with their manager and notify them rather than being notified through Workday.

Resigning Employee Responsibilities:

  • Review Benefits Information for Departing Employees.
  • Review IT’s Employee and Third-Party Account Termination Policy. Workday access is enabled until 11:45 pm EST on the employee’s last day.
  • Confirm contact information is correct as the home address in Workday will be used to send the W2. (for information regarding W2s, please visit
  • Take inventory of items that will need to be turned in before the last day (e.g. laptop, keys, a monitor).
  • Make a list of outstanding tasks, existing job responsibilities, and knowledge that will need to be transferred to a colleague or documented for their successor.
  • Share necessary emails and documents with the manager or designated colleague(s).
  • Complete exit interview survey and attend exit interview appointment.

Manager Responsibilities

Once an employee has submitted their resignation in Workday, the manager will be notified they have a task in their Workday inbox to complete an offboarding questionnaire. The questionnaire includes an option to set an out-of-office message on the employee’s email account, delete Slack and Voicemail, and indicate if Box and Google files should be deleted or transferred to another employee.

Managers Responsibilities:

  • Complete the Workday offboarding questionnaire - this is VERY important and initiates the flow to other departments.
  • Communicate - share the resignation information with the team, leadership, and other key stakeholders.
  • Draft and send an email to the select population and include recognition of the employee’s impact during their tenure at Emerson. 
  • Complete PCard Maintenance form to terminate ‘p-card’ access for the departing employee. Facilitate job shadowing and redistribute projects and responsibilities, as needed.
  • Pause, reflect, and consider if this position needs to be replaced, reconstituted, or eliminated. As part of this effort, managers are strongly encouraged to review the existing job description for accuracy, update the job description if necessary, and speak with their HRBP to consider any changes in organizational structure or design.
  • Please see the compensation review process if changes are necessary to the job description.

Human Resources Responsibilities

HR will reach out to the exiting employee to set up the exit interview appointment. The exit interview consists of an online survey followed by a 1:1 meeting with their HR Business Partner.

The exit interview is an opportunity to listen to the exiting employee’s opinions about their position, manager, organization, culture, and more. This is an opportunity to discuss job satisfaction or offer feedback on policy and career direction. HR collects the data and from time to time shares anonymous information with specific departments.

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