Understand and Appreciate: Team Conversation Guide

The Understand and Appreciate Strengths Team Conversation is a tool from Gallup.  

Goals of this Conversation

The purpose of this team conversation is to:

  • appreciate the team’s individual and collective talents and strengths
  • gain an understanding of each team member
  • identify what each person needs to be their best 

As a manager, this conversation will allow you to:

  • look for ways to more effectively draw out the best in each team member
  • ensure that team members are aligned based on their contributions and that you address any missed opportunities
  • identify potential partnerships that will complement team members’ talents

Setting Up the Conversation

Ask each team member to respond to the four boxes on the Understand and Appreciate Strengths handout.  (This can be completed whether or not team members have taken the CliftonStrengths Assessment).

  1. You get the best of me when...
  2. The value I bring to the team is...
  3. This is what I need from you...
  4. You can count on me to...

Facilitating the Conversation

There are different ways you can approach this conversation.  You may choose to discuss all four questions at once.  You may decide to take 15-20 minutes at a team meeting to focus on one of the questions.  There is no right or wrong way to approach the activity and conversations.  Do what works best for you and the team.

As a team, have each person share their responses to each set of questions. Record key responses that will help you remember the insights gained and informal commitments shared during the conversation.

You get the best of me when …

Discuss how to draw out the best in each person by sharing responses to the following questions.

  • Give an example of a time when you gave your best to a task, activity, or project. What was the result, and what did it feel like?
  • What talents or strengths did you use?
  • How can others on the team draw out the best in you?

The value I bring to the team …

Help team members become aware of and appreciate the valuable contribution that each person brings to the team.

  • Of all the tasks, activities, or projects on the team, which brings you the most satisfaction?
  • What do you think are some of the most valuable contributions you make to the team?
  • Are there any missed opportunities or areas of value that we are not using?

This is what I need from you ...

Have each person identify what support they need to be successful.

  • What do you need from others on the team to help you use your talents and strengths more effectively?
  • What kind of support do you need from me and the team that will help you be more successful in your role?

You can count on me to ...

Although the team may not formally commit to specific actions during the conversation, use this opportunity to talk about how team members can make informal commitments to the team and to each other.

  • What can other team members count on you to bring to your role?

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