Affiliated AFECAAUP Faculty (eligible for medical & dental)

This is a summary of benefits only. For details and requirements, please ask Human Resources for the plan document, AFECAAUP contract, employee handbook, or other controlling documents.

Summary of Benefits




About the Plan

Medical Insurance

College contributes 50 or 65% towards individual medical, and 50% towards family medical, per eligibility outlined in union contract.

1st of month following eligibility

Hospital and medical services through Harvard Pilgrim Health Care

Dental Insurance

College contributes cost of Individual coverage under Base Plan towards all plans and coverage levels. Employees pay difference.

1st of month following eligibility

Diagnostic, preventive, & restorative services through Delta Dental of Mass.

403(b) Tax-Deferred Annuity Plan

100% voluntary contribution

Upon Employment

Faculty member may contribute on a pre-tax basis to Transamerica

Transit Reimbursement

Reimbursement of $42.25 monthly for public transit

Upon Employment

Faculty members who are members of AFEC and are teaching at least one 3 or 4 credit course may request reimbursement up to $42.25 per month for public transit

Workers’ Compensation

College pays 100% of premium

Upon Employment

Compensation (60% wage replacement) for on-the-job injury or death

Social Security

College pays 7.65% of salary

Employee pays 7.65% of salary

Upon Employment

Retirement income, survivor benefit, disability insurance, Medicare


Employee pays 100%

Upon termination of employment or qualifying event

Continuation of health and dental for employee and/or covered dependents

Employee Assistance Program

College pays 100%

Upon Employment

Evaluation/referrals; family/emotional issues; child & elder care, etc.

Learn more about other benefits.

 Faculty Members, their spouses, and dependents are responsible for any tax consequences resulting from benefits received by them from the College. (i.e. graduate courses)


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