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The Delta Dental plan summaries (below) and Member Guide provide detailed information about benefits, rates, and eligible procedures. For specific information about dental implants, see the Implant Brochure. 

The major differences between the two plan options:

1. Calendar Year Maximum - The calendar year maximum is the most the plan will pay per covered member per calendar year. For the Base plan it is $1,000; for the Buy Up plan it is $2,000.

2. Orthodontia - Orthodontia is covered under the Buy Up plan only.

For more information about the Rollover Max Program (which applies to both dental plans), see the Rollover Max Brochure.

To manage your benefits, log onto the Delta Dental website with your plan information, or contact Delta customer service at 1-800-872-0500. Delta also has amobile app.

Delta Dental Plan Summaries

2024 Delta Dental Base Plan Summary

2024 Delta Dental Buy Up Plan Summary


Plan Premiums:

Medical & Dental Premiums / Employee Costs



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