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While you are learning the ins and outs of your job, be sure to take some time to connect with other community members.  

Why Connection is Important

We spend a substantial portion of our week at work. Connection to the bigger purpose, to the organization, and to other people at work all have a positive impact on your job satisfaction and sense of belonging.

  • Wellness:  Having positive connections in the workplace reduces stress hormones and increases the neurotransmitters responsible for attention, feelings of pleasure and trust, and keeping fear and worry at bay.
  • Productivity:  Those who are happy at work are more engaged and therefore more productive.
  • Innovation:  Those who work in a collaborative and connected environment are more willing to contribute new and bold ideas that lead to better results.

Connecting with the Community

  • Your HR Business Partner:  assigned based on your VP division
  • Staff/Faculty Resource Networks:  employee-driven groups based on shared experiences seeking to build community
  • EmCares: staff and faculty, parents, caregivers, and allies
  • eQual: staff and faculty to identify as LGBTQ and allies; (email or to be added to the email list)
  • Fusion:  staff and faculty of color and allies
  • Using Slack:  Slack is a workplace chat room and instant messaging service.  Individuals sign up using their Emerson credentials and can join any number of “channels” to exchange messages.  Ask your manager/team if there is a channel for your department too!  Some popular channels to join are: #staff, #emersonpets, #goodnewsdaily, and #workdayatemerson.  
  • Looking for someone?:  You can use the Emerson Directory or look people up in Workday
  • Tip:  Using Workday to look someone up may include the person’s picture.  Having a face to go with the name will help you remember who they are!

Ways to “Stay in the Know”

  • “Emerson Lingo” - the vernacular and abbreviations can make a newbie’s head spin!  Take a look at the community-created document with some of the most common “lingo” you may hear.
  • Emerson Today is produced by the Department of Communications & Marketing.  Subscribe to receive News, Announcements, and “In the Press” items delivered right to your email.  
  • Academic Calendar and Holiday Schedule:  Make sure your Google calendar has important dates on it!  Higher education can be very cyclical.  Depending on your role, some of these dates may be more important than others.
  • People @ Emerson: a staff blog published by the Office of Communication and Marketing

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