Workday and Time Reporting


What is Workday and Why Will I Use It?

Workday is a self-service tool for you as an employee for anything Human Resources, Payroll, and Finance related.  You’ve already started using it, as your onboarding steps were in Workday.

Your usage and involvement with Workday will vary depending on your role.  It is the recommendation and expectation that you log into Workday regularly (at least once per week).

  • All employees manage their personal information, benefits, paid time off, time reporting, and pay information in Workday.  
  • Managers of staff and student employees will use Workday for hiring and managing their team.  
  • Some employees will have financial and budgetary responsibilities to manage in Workday.

Get Started With Workday

Using Workday - read the Workday overview and watch the Introduction to Workday video

Bookmark these websites for future reference!  Be sure to “sign-in” to see all content.

Updating your Workday Photo - A photo is a passive way for you to let others see who you are.  When someone is looking at the Organization chart they can see your face.  Same for you as you get to know who is who.  Use Workday to see who others are!

To Request Additional Training:  Your manager and colleagues can be great partners while you start to acquaint yourself with Workday.  In the case where you need additional training, please reach out to HR or Finance by Submitting a ticket.  Your email will be routed to the appropriate person to assist you.

Time Reporting

ALL employees are expected to keep accurate time records.  This includes time off AND time worked.  Accurate time reporting allows us to be fiscally responsible and collectively work towards the Financial Strength pillar of the strategic plan.  

Action Item: Each week, you must complete your time reporting responsibility by the end of the day Friday to give your manager time to approve it.

Exempt employees:  Exempt employees are salary-based, regardless of the exact number of hours worked.  Every week, exempt employees must either:

Non-Exempt employees:  Non-Exempt employees’ pay is based on the number of hours worked.  Each week non-exempt employees must:

  • Enter the hours they worked and have paid time off recorded.
  • See Time Entry options for step-by-step guides.

Tip:  Set a recurring calendar reminder on Fridays so you don’t forget to do your time reporting!

Manager Responsibilities

If you are also a manager of staff or student employees, you have additional time reporting responsibilities.

Action Items:  

  • Each week, by Monday 12pm, you must approve all time for your staff and student workers.
  • All instruction guides can be found on Payroll's Training Page.
  • Tip:  set a calendar reminder for Friday afternoon.  This will allow you to nudge any employees who have not yet submitted their time so that you can meet the Monday 12pm deadline.
  • Requests for Paid Time Off will be in your Workday Inbox.  It is the expectation that managers log into Workday regularly and take action on inbox items as they come up. For more information, please read the Instruction guide for approving paid time off requests.

Paid Time Off

Emerson provides generous paid time off benefits!  

Action Item:  It is important to talk with your manager about expectations and the process for requesting paid time off.  Ex.  How should you let your manager/team know if you need to be out sick?

Paid time off requests are submitted through Workday.  See our step-by-step guides for requesting time off:

You can read more information about paid time off benefits and policies on our website.

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