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At Emerson, we don’t want you to just “come to work”. We want you to come to work with purpose and passion.   We want you to come to work with your whole, authentic self and feel supported.  It is easy to get so buried in the day-to-day of your job.  We want to provide you with these resources to help you look beyond the day-to-day and reflect on how your role impacts the bigger picture and mission of Emerson College.  Some roles have an immediate and direct impact on students.  Other roles’ impact is more directly on the structural functioning of the College.  Regardless of the individual role, each one plays an important part in making Emerson what it is today and what it will evolve into tomorrow.

About Emerson


Underlying and infusing all we do are these inspiring, non-negotiable values:

  • Respect and equal treatment for all people of all backgrounds, orientations, beliefs, and physical capabilities
  • Appreciation for diverse ideas and the free expression of them
  • Academic excellence in formal settings such as classrooms and libraries and in workshops, internships, labs, studios, and all other collaborative environments
  • Critical and creative thinking that inspires audiences; improves the arts and communication; and advances social justice, global responsibility, and environmental sustainability in our institution, communities, nation, and world

Living and Working these Values

In Your Work - take the time periodically to reflect on how your role impacts the Five Strategies of the College.  Use our handout on strategic goals to help you.  Talk with your manager, your team members, and colleagues from across the College about how you and your job have an impact.  The impact should always be top of mind.

Take Care -  Take care of yourself and of each other.  Know the safety and support resources available to you and to our students.  

Learn and Grow - One of the greatest things about working at Emerson is the variety of opportunities you will be presented with.  Sometimes opportunities include self-reflection, having your beliefs challenged, challenging someone else’s beliefs, stepping out of your comfort zone, or getting involved with something outside of your department.  Through all of this, always maintaining respect and equal treatment for all.  It is up to you to take advantage of opportunities.  Make the time.  We know it is hard!  When the day-to-day is consuming, talk with your manager about how to make space to participate in a training session, an event, reading a particular resource, etc.   

New Hire Onboarding Series

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