Getting Started with Technology


Technology will be a big part of your first week at Emerson.  Figuring out what systems are used when and for what can be time-consuming.  We’ve put together this list to get you started on the right foot.

Gmail and Google Workspace

Emerson uses Gmail as our email platform.  Additionally, Google Docs, Sheets, Slides, and Calendar are all available to you.  Check out our "Tools for Productivity" class series offered each month. These classes walk through different features, tips and tricks for using the tools.

IT User Services/Help Desk

One of your greatest resources for information and support at Emerson is our IT User Services/Help Desk team!  Be sure to bookmark their Support Website as you will visit it often.  The dynamic search bar on their site will help you find exactly what you are looking for, but since it is only your second day, we’ve compiled a list for you to start with.

Depending on your role, there may be other technology that you will be using.  Ask your manager and team members for specifics.

What is Workday and Why Will I Use It?

Workday is a self-service tool for you as an employee for anything Human Resources, Payroll, and Finance related.  You’ve already started using it, as your onboarding steps were in Workday.

Your usage and involvement with Workday will vary depending on your role.  It is the recommendation and expectation that you log into Workday regularly (at least once per week).

  • All employees manage their personal information, benefits, paid time off, time reporting, and pay information in Workday.  
  • Managers of staff and student employees will use Workday for hiring and managing their team.  
  • Some employees will have financial and budgetary responsibilities to manage in Workday.

Get Started With Workday

Using Workday - read the Workday overview and watch the Introduction to Workday video

Bookmark these websites for future reference!  Be sure to “sign in” to see all content.

Updating your Workday Photo - A photo is a passive way for you to let others see who you are.  When someone is looking at the Organization chart they can see your face.  Same for you as you get to know who is who.  Use Workday to see who others are!

To Request Additional Workday Training:  Your manager and colleagues can be great partners while you start to acquaint yourself with Workday.  In the case where you need additional training, please reach out using the HR or Finance by Submitting a ticket. Your email will be assigned to the best person to assist you.

New Hire Onboarding Series

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